Would you like to select flower essences and tune your formulas more precisely?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the vast number of flower essences available?

  • Do you have a hard time remembering what each essence is for?

  • Would you like to deepen your relationship with the flower essence plants?

Discover the botanical codes that guide Flower Essence Therapy

Why study botanical families?

There are patterns of expression in the plant world, occurring in distinct and fractal ways, that result in a range of Botanical Families. The study of the Botanical Families of the flower essence plants helps us see constellations of patterns and observe their correlation to human life experiences. This understanding helps us use flower essences with more intimacy, precision and mastery.

Learn the code of flowers

Through deep immersion in images of plants and flowers you'll see patterns that bring plants together, and learn distinctions between their healing qualities.

  • Ecosystem & Environment

    Understanding the plant's natural environment helps us see how it relates to the bigger fabric of life in its multiple cycles.

  • Plant Signatures

    Distinguishing the unique gestures, adaptation patterns, and archetypal expression of a plant brings its wisdom to life.

  • Family Relationships

    The common traits and distinct differences between plants in the same family helps us make more precise selections.


Did you know that Lily family plants, when prepared as flower essences, can nurture Feminine qualities, each one in unique ways?


Flower essences made from plants in the Rose family can strengthen our ability to embrace life with joy.


Focus and integration are hallmarks of flower essences made from plants in the Aster family.

The Lineage and Origin of this Approach

This approach originates from Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski's pioneer research, that integrates the detailed observation of the metamorphosis of plants following Goethean Botanical studies, expanding the observation of Plant Signatures to the Signature and gestures of whole Plant Families, seen in their traditional groupings.

Watch a Preview Lesson with Kathleen and Ruth

Fully immerse yourself in the healing qualities of several plant families in this unique course

Plant gestures depict archetypal patterns that are also found in human life and human society.

Join us on a journey through these patterns.

  • Our exploration begins with the soul's first formation — the birth and first few years of life. We have seen correlations between this formative experience and plants coming from bulbs in the Lily family. The Heather family helps bring that incarnation into healthy existence.

  • As we progress, we look to the vast diversity of the Rose family and the ancient wisdom of the Magnolias to support our embodiment and embrace all facets of life.

  • The Sacred Geometry of the Aster family brings alignment with the Higher Self and integration with one's essential Soul Star.

  • Continuing to embody our gifts, we explore essences from the Iris, Borage, and Buttercup families to support creative expression and shine our light.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

on her life's work teaching about plant signatures in Flower Essence Therapy

Join us live or watch later!

Either way, don't miss this 8-module Master Class taught by two experienced educators who are experts in the field — Ruth Toledo Altschuler and Kathleen Aspenns.

  • 16 hours of live zoom classes in 8 sessions (2 hours each)

  • Lifetime access to on-demand video recordings

  • Access to beautifully photographed slideshows


Live sessions are 10am-12pm Pacific Time. Attendance is optional! Everything will be recorded, and available on-demand after the session recording is uploaded.

  • September 15, 2022 — Lily & Heather families

  • October 6, 2022 — Lily & Heather families

  • October 13, 2022 — Rose & Magnolia families

  • October 20, 2022 — Rose & Magnolia families, continued

  • October 27, 2022 — Aster family

  • November 3, 2022 — Aster family, continued

  • November 10, 2022 — Iris, Buttercup & Borage families

  • November 17, 2022 - Iris, Buttercup & Borage families, continued

Your Instructors

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

Experience from which I now contribute to this Program

I have lived and breathed in-depth Flower Essence Therapy for three decades now, having gathered a unique combination of experience unparalleled in the field.

Having started in Brazil in 1989, I spent years sponsoring and translating classes and materials by the most important Mentors in the field of Flower Essence Therapy, gaining an intimate insight into their understanding and approach. 

Highlights on my unique combination of experience:

  • Ongoing effective flower essence therapy work with great numbers of clients over three decades
  • Multiple opportunities of learning directly and working alongside our contemporary Flower Essence researchers and founders
  • Educator in the field of Flower Essence Therapy for over three decades
  • Coordinator, producer and translator of courses offered by the most advanced teachers in the field
  • Entrepreneur with varied experience as owner of a company that produced many courses, distributed essences and nurtured community

More about my Journey on the Essence Mentoring website

Kathleen Aspenns

Botanical Latin is my second language.

When I took my first course in plant ID 25 years ago as part of the curriculum for my Horticulture Science degree I realized just how much I was missing by knowing plants only by their common names. Learning the language, bit by bit, and getting to know the structure of the families gave me the ability to see patterns and relationships, and a new way to appreciate the vast diversity of the plant world.

When you look at a plant, there is so much to notice beyond the immediate impression of flower color or leaf shape. Truly learning to look, to observe and to notice details - these are all lessons I learned through my horticultural training and inform my work as a flower essence practitioner and maker. When you learn one remedy plant, you can then look for similarities and differences within plant families. Each detail will give you insight into their use as essences and develop your skill at selecting them for your formulas.

I've developed my own line of flower essences, the Flora of Asia, from species originating in China and Japan. Many of these plants have been used for thousands of years as herbs, but had not yet been explored as flower essences. The opportunity to research species related to ones we know well from European and North American floras has been a great privilege, and the resulting essences have been eagerly embraced by experienced practitioners.

For over a decade, I've been helping my clients overcome challenges, heal from traumatic experiences, and find a greater sense of connection to themselves and to Nature. I'm a Nature Intuitive and practice Flower Essence Therapy specializing in women and their beloved animal companions. My ability to listen deeply and compassionately, and to select precisely the right flower essences, helps each client feel fully supported as she takes the next step in her journey of healing and personal evolution.

Learn more about me and the Flora of Asia here

Frequently Asked Questions

This Course: Botanical Families in Flower Essence Therapy

  • What Flower Essence brands or ranges will be referenced in this course?

    We teach about general attributes of flower essences regardless of the brand/range.
    However, some essences are unique to certain ranges and we may recommend specific brands based on our experience working with them. In this course we reference Bach/Healing Herbs, FES (Quintessentials, Range of Light and a few FES Research essences), Alaskan Essences, and Flora of Asia.

  • Can I use the information and approach to understand other flower essences from other research collections?

    Yes, this course will give you the ability to deepen your own plant observation, so that you can begin taking an active part in the research of the qualities of the essences you use.

  • Do I need to know Botany to take this Course?

    Not at all! The methods of observation suggested here are directly related to Flower Essence Therapy research and do not involve technical botanical knowledge. This study involves direct observation of the living plant in their environments, over time, through different cycles.

  • Which Botanical Families will be covered in this Course?

    We take a deep dive into the characteristics of the following plant families, and possibly more, showing a representative selection of their flowers and describing their essences:

    • Liliaceae
    • Ericaceae
    • Ranunculaceae
    • Iridaceae
    • Boraginaceae
    • Asteraceae
    • Scrophulariaceae
    • Rosaceae
    • Magnoliaceae

All Hybrid Courses (Live + On-Demand)

  • Is this course in person or online?

    It is online-only and may be attended live during a zoom event(s) or after the event(s) via the on-demand recording.

  • Do I have to attend real-time in order to get the recordings?

    Nope! Attending any live events real-time is optional, and you'll always get access to the recording afterwords.

  • How do I attend and participate?

    Once you've purchased the course, open the course and you'll find the zoom link(s) within. During the zoom you can type your questions in the chat and there will be an opportunity to also unmute and ask questions.

  • How long do I have access to the recordings?

    They don't expire — you get lifetime access to the recordings and course material for as long as The School for Flower Essence Studies is operating, and we plan on doing this for a long time!
    If for any reason that changes, we will provide as much advance notices as possible.

  • What is your return policy?

    Once the course begins, there are no returns. However, if you purchased this by accident, please contact us.

  • How do I contact you?

    Please send an email to hello@floweressencestudies.com, or click "Support" in the pull-down menu under your name at the top of the page.

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