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  • Deep immersion for the intermediate to advanced enthusiast

  • Ongoing education for the clinical practitioner

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Our Core Values

Plant Centric

We listen deeply to the wisdom and guidance coming from Nature to inform our teachings.

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Practitioner Focused

From casual beginner to the advanced practitioner, our goal is to resource you for success.

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Just as practitioners blend essences from different producers, we believe flower essence education should be based on the plant and not restricted to one brand.

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Founders & Faculty

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

Co-Founder, Lead Instructor & Mentor

Ruth is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Educator and Mentor. In practice for over three decades, she has a unique combination of experience unparalleled in the field. Originating from Brazil, Ruth was instrumental in developing flower essence therapy as a widely accepted modality in that country. She has a background in photography and uses that talent to greatly enhance the online student experience with immersive imagery. Ruth is an authorized instructor for the FES Practitioner Certification Program and offers this to yearly. She is the creator of Essence Mentoring & Essence Circles, and co-host of The Flower Essence Conference.

Kathleen Aspenns

Co-Founder & Instructor

Kathleen is a Nature Intuitive, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Educator. As an Essence Researcher and Producer, she developed the Flora of Asia line of flower essences from herbal plants used in Chinese Medicine and cultivated in California. She holds a degree in Horticulture Science, and also works with horses as a Tellington TTouch Method Equine Practitioner. Kathleen co-hosts The Flower Essence Podcast and The Flower Essence Conference.

Rochana Felde

Co-Founder, Instructor & Designer

Rochana is a Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist, and Plant Spirit Researcher — creating flower essences from the wild coastal cliffs, forests, and meadows of Northern California. With an extensive background in information technology and user interface design, she creates graphics, websites and content for the school and related projects. Rochana co-hosts The Flower Essence Podcast and The Flower Essence Conference.

Adjunct Presenters

Featured speakers of the Flower Essence Conference

Julian Barnard
Isha Lerner
Ian White
Sabrina Pettitt
David Dalton
Judith Poelarends
Sandra Epstein
Deborah Craydon
Sue Lilly
Rosana Souto
Lindsay Fauntleroy
Heidi Smith
Cathy Skipper
Sara Turner
Loyola Colebeck

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What People are Saying

“Ruth Toledo Altschuler is a remarkable teacher and practitioner of Flower Essence Therapy. She’s also a professional photographer, a skill which she brings into her course work, helping people to see the beauty and signatures of flowers and their environments.
I feel lucky to have taken workshops and courses from her, learning about the benefits and energetic qualities of flowers and in which circumstances to use them. Ruth has a warm, compassionate way of interacting with students (some of whom are already professional Flower Essence Practitioners). She fosters a community spirit and dialogue among students within her courses. In my last course with her, she impressed on us how important our work is at this time on earth and that we are here to contribute in significant ways.
I treasure Ruth as a teacher with years of expertise and profound insight and wisdom. I highly recommend her Flower Essence workshops and courses! ”

Eloise DeLeon, Energy Healer, Flower Essence Practitioner
New York, USA

“I absolutely loved the 2022 Flower Essence Conference! To fully immerse myself in the world of flower essences and flower essence therapy, and to learn how leading flower essence practitioners are working with these remedies from nature to support their clients to heal from trauma and build resiliency as sensitives, was such a treat! There was so much amazing information given in each talk and many nuggets of gold to take away. I'm so glad I registered for this years conference, and am grateful for the amazing job Ruth, Rochana and Kathleen did in putting this conference together. As a new practitioner in this area I have come away feeling very supported and inspired and will carry forward all I have learnt into my flower essence practice which I believe will benefit my clients immensely. ”

Brooke Kerekere, Registered Naturopath and Herbalist (mNMHNZ), First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner, Wellington, New Zealand

“Ruth, Rochana, and Kathleen, my deepest respect and gratitude to you for this spectacular conference! Every detail so exquisitely curated and tended to, from your impeccable website, to the array of speakers, to the depth and breadth of topics covered, and the elegance with which you represent the Flowers. What a wonderful resource and inspiration for this burgeoning community!”

Maribeth Swan, Flower Essence Guide & Intuitive Counsel, Massachusetts, USA

“Incredible content. Worth watching (the Flower Essence Conference) over and over to grasp everything and take copious notes. Branding was beautiful. Content delivery using an LMS was brilliant. Loved combination of live sessions and prerecorded. All the teachers were so different yet very knowledgeable and grounded. It left me very inspired to become an essence practitioner asap. Also the interviewers/hosts did wonderful job facilitating and asking questions. Loved it! Thank you!”

“One of the best conferences I have attended so far. Fantastically organized, with great content from participants passionate about flower essences and healing.”

KS, California

“I would encourage anyone to join this conference and learn a new way of healing. It is like opening a door to a whole new paradigm that I didn't know existed. I am incredibly grateful!”

Myra, Virginia,USA

“This conference was illuminating, inspiring and very empowering. A delightful blend of some of the masters in the field of flower essence therapy who provides new insights tools and inspiration for the healing journey and the magickal kingdom of plant consciousness that helps us heal. ”

TV, Norway

“If you have an interest in flower essences this (conference) is a must-attend event. I learned so much and loved connecting with the flowers and this beautiful community. Thank you. Highly recommend!”

“As a participant of Ruth’s online courses, even 23 years after taking my first FES California Flower Essences course also led by Ruth, I still feel the same enchantment with the flowers and their essences and experience the same freshness and inspiration coming from Ruth as a teacher.
Through these courses, my use of the flower essences is renewed, as the perspective and focus that Ruth brings are of great depth, while the media rich content shared through the internet provides a form of contact with the flowers that is incredibly strong.
This is a valuable experience: the images, the sound, the quality of the content, the depth of the proposed experiences, the delicacy in listening, everything is absolutely well placed, with great zeal and care.”

Isabela Bisconcini - Flower Essence Practitioner, Jungian Psychotherapist, Family Constellations Practitioner