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    1. The Four Elements in Plants & Elemental Signatures in Bach Flowers with Julian Barnard

    2. Coming Home to Earth: Elemental Forces and Flowers for Re-Bonding with Earth

    3. The Energetics and Elements of Emotion with Lindsay Fauntleroy

    1. Alchemy, Plant Language, and the Personality with David Dalton

    2. The Unique Healing Power in the Expressions of Nature’s Elements with Judith Poelarends

    3. A Language of Flowers from the Woodlands of the Northeast with Kathleen Gilday

    1. Flower Essences, Alchemy and Medicine of the Soul with Cathy Skipper

    2. Earth Elixirs: Decoding the Signatures of Gem Essences with Nicholas Pearson

    1. Mastering Manifestation with the 5 Elements with Sara Estelle Turner

    2. The Five Elemental Ethers with Deborah Craydon

    1. Little Blossoms: Flower Essences to Help Children with Lila Devi

    2. Exploring Nature's Gifts with Deborah Lee

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