Understand and manage sensory challenges, create healthy boundaries, and feel empowered as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or Empath

with this curated selection of conference replays

The 2022 Flower Essence Conference was an incredible virtual event with flower essence experts from around the world sharing their wisdom in educational sessions and live panels. The sessions selected for this bundle provide practical tools to manage the challenges and reap the rewards of high sensitivity.

Session & Panel Replays

Tend and Befriend your Highly Sensitive Self

Rochana Felde

Are you, your clients, or someone you know a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? HSP refers to a scientifically studied personality trait, also known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity, that affects 20% of the population, including animals! The main characteristics are Depth of Processing, Sensitive to Subtleties/Sensory Stimuli, Emotional Responsiveness/Empathy, and Overstimulation. In this presentation, I’ll take you on a journey through the eyes of a very sensitive HSP (me!), so you can recognize and honor this neurodivergent trait as a superpower rather than a disorder, in yourself and others. You’ll learn how flower essences are a primary therapy for many HSPs, as part of a holistic toolbox to manage nervous system overstimulation.

Healthy Boundaries for Empaths

Carla Savetsky

Many healers that are drawn to flower essences are empaths and highly sensitive people. While these traits come with many gifts, there are also interpersonal challenges that we share, including porous and weak boundaries. Come to this talk to learn strategies and tools (including flower essences) to firm up your boundaries and take care of yourself first.

Building Healthy Boundaries

Kathleen Aspenns

Healthy and functional boundaries are essential to health and well being. This talk will help you identify where your boundaries may not be working well for you, and introduce you to a way of thinking about boundaries based on insights from Chinese Medicine. You will learn flower essences and acupressure points to help you feel safer and more grounded in your body, manage challenging emotions and relationships, and clearly hear the voice of your intuitive knowing.

Sensitives as Leaders in the Greater Journey of ReMembering

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

Is it possible that we, Sensitive Individuals, ultimately have been saved by our early connection with Nature? Do you recognize this early affinity with plants, animals, nature places, and feel this may have saved your sanity amidst difficult times? Why are we sensitives more prone to becoming traumatized, and more prone to being impacted by Developmental Trauma? What is Developmental Trauma and how can it be treated and transformed? Maybe this very sensitivity can now be perceived as one of our greatest sources of strength. As we recognize ourselves as Agents of ReIntegration, how can we step more fully into our Purpose?

Sensitives and their Special Affinity with Nature

Live Panel Replay

with Deborah Craydon, Lindsay Fauntleroy, Isha Lerner, Judith Poelarends, and Ian White

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Your Hosts

Flower Essence Studies Core Faculty

Rochana Felde, Ruth Toledo Altschuler and Kathleen Aspenns

Speaker Bios

Rochana Felde, Wiseflower Wellness

Rochana Felde (she/her) is an Integrative Flower Essence Practitioner, Plant Spirit Herbalist, Educator, and Holistic Digital Media Designer. She is a neurodivergent GenX with a Multipotentialite Rainforest Mind, a Highly Sensitive Person managing ADHD and healing trauma, and an auto-immune EBV and LS survivor.

Rochana works intuitively with plants and people to make custom formulated essence blends for her Flower Essence Therapy clients. 

She also creates graphics and websites for plant and heart-centered projects and businesses. Her calling is to facilitate the transmission of information from Nature into Humanity, regardless if the form is an essence blend, podcast, course, or website.

Rochana is Co-Host of The Flower Essence Podcast and The Flower Essence Conference.

Carla Savetsky, Enlightened Women's Health

Carla is a women’s health physician assistant by training, and a medicine woman, wise woman by design.

She is also a master flower essence practitioner, writer, singer, lover of spirit, and Mom.

She has spent over 30 years in the healing space, helping sensitive, empathic women like herself overcome challenging diagnoses by finding the root cause of chronic disease on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

She currently works with women from all over the world via her online business Enlightened Women’s Health.

Kathleen Aspenns, Flora of Asia

For over a decade, Kathleen Aspenns has been helping her clients overcome challenges, heal from traumatic experiences, and find a greater sense of connection to themselves and to Nature. She is a Nature Intuitive and practices Flower Essence Therapy specializing in women and their beloved animal companions. Her ability to listen deeply and compassionately, and to select precisely the right flower essences, helps each client feel fully supported as she takes the next step in her journey of healing and personal evolution.

Kathleen has developed her own line of flower essences, the Flora of Asia. Many of these plants have been used for thousands of years as herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are available now for the first time as flower essences.

Kathleen is Co-Host of The Flower Essence Podcast and The Flower Essence Conference.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler, Essence Mentoring & Essence Circles

Ruth Toledo Altschuler is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Educator and Mentor, with 33 years of experience teaching and working with clients. In Brazil, where Ruth was born, for two decades she curated in depth courses, translated content, and set standards for high quality Practitioner work, helping Flower Essence Therapy conquer high credibility and demand, eventually becoming one of the complementary medicine modalities approved as part of the local public health system. Now living in the US, Ruth creatively combines her skills as a photographer, her ease and artistry with technology, with her deep connection with the healing offerings of plants and flowers to offer high level educational Programs, including the FES Flower Essence Practitioner Training that begins this May / June 2022.

Ruth is Co-Host of The Flower Essence Conference.

Deborah Craydon, Flora Corona

Deborah is the founder of Flora Corona, producer of Hawaiian flower essences, gem elixirs and Colored Light Elixirs, Deborah is the co-author of ‘Floral Acupuncture, Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites’. She has been teaching online classes in vibrational healing for sixteen years, after 14 years of private flower essence practice. This fall, 2022, she will be teaching the popular online course, ‘Floral Acupuncture’ for the fourth time.

Lindsay Fauntleroy, L.Ac, The Spirit Seed & Elementals Essences

Lindsay is a medicine maker, educator, and acupuncturist. She provides practitioner certification in the sacred art and science of flower essence therapy. Her book, In Our Element (Lewellyn 2002), is a self-help guide that integrates acupuncture theory, flower essences, yoga and ancestral spirituality. Lindsay was drawn to the healing arts after her journey to fertility introduced her to flower essences and the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Her training includes a Master of Arts from New York University, a Master of Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture, and certifications in yoga and family constellations therapy. Lindsay’s approach to soul medicine emerges from over 15 years of clinical practice, her Ph.D studies of Indigenous and African Diasporic psychology, and her commitment to community wellness. 

Isha Lerner, Power of Flowers Healing Essence Company

Isha is a flower essence practitioner, producer, and internationally-recognized astrologer with a broad background in mythology and fairy tales which form the foundations of her prowess as an interpreter of Tarot. She co-authored the best-selling Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot, which illustrates the transformative relationship between fairy tales and human development. She is also author of The Triple Goddess Tarot, The Inner Child Card’s Workbook, The Power of Flowers book/deck set, and The Tarot of the Four Elements.

Judith Poelarends, Alaskan Essences

Judith Poelarends is the Director of Alaskan Essences. Her roots are in The Netherlands where she had a career as a scientific researcher in animal health. In 2007 her search for more meaning and happiness in life led to the discovery of flower essences. In 2008 she did a one-year class on flower essences and after her certification she started doing consultations for people and animals. In 2013, during a flower essence workshop in Alaska, Judith met Steve Johnson, the founder of Alaskan Essences. She moved from the Netherlands to Victor Montana in 2015 to be with her husband Steve and start a practice here. After Steve passed away in March 2017, Judith decided to continue the Alaskan Essences and she is now the Director. Together with her amazing team she enjoys bringing these essences into the world and teach about their unique empowering qualities.

Ian White, B.Sc., ND., D.B.M., Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian is a 5th generation Australian herbalist who has been practicing successfully as a Naturopath since 1979. His great-great-grandmother worked as a herbalist during Australia’s 1850’s Gold Rush. Both Ian’s great-grandmother and grandmother were among the first white people to research and use Australian native plants for healing. Ian as a young boy grew up in the bush, living next door to his grandmother and would spend as much time as possible helping her make her herbal tinctures and extracts. She would often take him for walks in the bush teaching him the healing qualities of many of the flora within the Australian landscape. Ian has continued this family tradition, though specializing in the emotional and spiritual qualities of the Australian bush. He is the author of five major books and teaches his Bush Essences workshops in over 30 countries.

Conference Testimonials

“I absolutely loved the 2022 Flower Essence Conference! To fully immerse myself in the world of flower essences and flower essence therapy, and to learn how leading flower essence practitioners are working with these remedies from nature to support their clients to heal from trauma and build resiliency as sensitives, was such a treat! There was so much amazing information given in each talk and many nuggets of gold to take away. I'm so glad I registered for this years conference, and am grateful for the amazing job Ruth, Rochana and Kathleen did in putting this conference together. As a new practitioner in this area I have come away feeling very supported and inspired and will carry forward all I have learnt into my flower essence practice which I believe will benefit my clients immensely. ”

Brooke Kerekere, Registered Naturopath and Herbalist (mNMHNZ), First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner, Wellington, New Zealand

“Ruth, Rochana, and Kathleen, my deepest respect and gratitude to you for this spectacular conference! Every detail so exquisitely curated and tended to, from your impeccable website, to the array of speakers, to the depth and breadth of topics covered, and the elegance with which you represent the Flowers. What a wonderful resource and inspiration for this burgeoning community!”

Maribeth Swan, Flower Essence Guide & Intuitive Counsel, Massachusetts, USA

“Incredible content. Worth watching (the Flower Essence Conference) over and over to grasp everything and take copious notes. Branding was beautiful. Content delivery using an LMS was brilliant. Loved combination of live sessions and prerecorded. All the teachers were so different yet very knowledgeable and grounded. It left me very inspired to become an essence practitioner asap. Also the interviewers/hosts did wonderful job facilitating and asking questions. Loved it! Thank you!”

“One of the best conferences I have attended so far. Fantastically organized, with great content from participants passionate about flower essences and healing.”

KS, California

“I would encourage anyone to join this conference and learn a new way of healing. It is like opening a door to a whole new paradigm that I didn't know existed. I am incredibly grateful!”

Myra, Virginia,USA

“This conference was illuminating, inspiring and very empowering. A delightful blend of some of the masters in the field of flower essence therapy who provides new insights tools and inspiration for the healing journey and the magickal kingdom of plant consciousness that helps us heal. ”

TV, Norway

“If you have an interest in flower essences this (conference) is a must-attend event. I learned so much and loved connecting with the flowers and this beautiful community. Thank you. Highly recommend!”

Chances are that you or someone you know is highly sensitive

Learn practical tools to manage the challenges and reap the rewards of high sensitivity with this curated selection of replays from the 2022 Flower Essence Conference.