Increase your understanding of trauma and the role of flower essences in supporting recovery

with this curated selection of conference replays

The 2022 Flower Essence Conference was an incredible virtual event with flower essence experts from around the world sharing their wisdom in educational sessions and live panels. The sessions selected for this bundle illustrate the impact of trauma on the ability to cope and heal, and highlight both the power and limitations of Flower Essence Therapy.

Session & Panel Replays

Trauma-Informed Flower Essence Formulation

Loyola (Loey) Colebeck

Trauma, by definition, is an unbearable reality: stress responses that overwhelm the organism’s capacity to do anything but dissociate (deny the emotional reality of the situation). Stress responses that get locked away and frozen in the body/psyche, causing ourselves and our clients to linger in survival strategies and coping mechanisms, sometimes for a lifetime or more, passing them down through generations, sometimes creating sensitivities in the organism as well as exacerbating sensitivities that are already hard-wired in the personality. How, as practitioners and consumers, can we support our clients and ourselves with personalized flower essence formulas to address the whole constellation of the individual’s trauma and sensitivities? This presentation will provide important basic structure for approaching flower essence formulation in a trauma-informed way.

Shadows of the Past — Trauma as a Repeating Cycle

David Dalton

Trauma from the past is re-lived in the present. The cycle goes on and on. The imprint of the past is removed by using flower essences and coaching to bring power and awareness into the client’s live to be rid of the scourge of trauma forever.

Flower Essences & Complex Trauma Recovery

Heidi Smith, MA, RH (AHG)

Complex trauma (CT), also known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), is a particular kind of trauma that occurs as a result of being exposed to harm over an extended period of time. CT creates distinct constellations of emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances, as well as unique opportunities for healing and repair. In my clinical experience, utilizing a holistic method that includes flower essences has been a constructive approach to facilitating recovery from CT. The process of healing CT involves assisting survivors in reorienting their bodies, minds, and spirits, not around their trauma but instead around their inherent wellness and wholeness something flower essences are especially attuned to do. We all have the ability to come into balance and to heal, and CT survivors can thrive in the world when they feel safe and empowered to trust the intelligence of their whole being. Plants are natural allies in this work, as they too possess their own intelligence and multidimensionality. For flower essence practitioners, a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of CT as well as knowledge of the potent ways flower essences are natural helpers in this recovery work are essential for offering the greatest level of care to our clients.

Healing Trauma with Flower Essences

Cathy Skipper

I arrived in the High Desert lands of New Mexico six years ago with cancer and a lifetime’s baggage of deep, ancestral trauma. The desert lands were a huge part of my healing journey. I was called to create a flower essence range from the resilient and beautiful flora that accompanied me on my healing journey. I will speak about these essences and how my husband holistic psychiatrist Dr. Florian Birkmayer and myself use them in our practice.

How to be a Trauma Informed Flower Essence Practioner

Live Panel Replay

with Loey Colebeck, David Dalton, Mary Grace, Carla Savetsky, and Cathy Skipper

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Your Hosts

Flower Essence Studies Core Faculty

Rochana Felde, Ruth Toledo Altschuler, and Kathleen Aspenns are seasoned instructors with decades of clinical experience in Flower Essence Therapy and flower essence research.

Speaker Bios

Loyola (Loey) Colebeck, Mind is Body Therapy

Loey provides IOPT (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy) and Flower Essence Therapy/Counseling. She has been professionally accredited by SEDIBAC in Barcelona where she trained, is an NCCAOM PDA provider, and has presented at multiple conferences and schools. Loey translated Pablo Noriega’s book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, from Spanish to English. She takes a Taoist and humanist approach to the therapeutic process. Loey teaches an annual, in-depth Flower Essence Therapy certificate course for professional development and personal exploration. Website:

Heidi Smith, Moon & Bloom

Heidi Smith, MA, RH (AHG), is a graduate of the three-year clinical herbal studies program at Arbor Vitae, and is accredited as a Registered Herbalist by the American Herbalist Guild. She holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling, and has studied energy work and flower essences under several teachers. Her practice blends psychosomatic therapy, flower essences, and herbal medicine to address the multifaceted aspects of disease, with an emphasis on emotional wellness. She specializes in facilitating recovery from complex trauma stemming from emotional abuse. Heidi is passionate about engaging both the spiritual and scientific dimensions of the plant kingdom, and sees herbal medicine as a radical way to promote ecological and social justice. She lives and works on unceded Munsee Lenape land. She is author of The Bloom Book: A Flower Essence Guide to Cosmic Balance. 


Cathy Skipper, AromaGnosis & Cathy’s Attars

Cathy is an herbalist, aromatherapist, teacher and wounded healer. After living and working in the herbal world in France for 25 years, she came to live in Taos New Mexico in 2015 where she lives and works with her husband, holistic psychiatrist Dr. Florian Birkmayer. Together they run a private practice and a school combining aromas, plant medicine, Jungian psychology and personal journeying. Their aim is to help students deepen their relationship with themselves and learn to navigate and understand the power of the unconscious realms. Website:

David Dalton, Delta Gardens

David is one of the pioneers of the flower essence movement and has been producing original essences, teaching and seeing clients since the late 1980’s. His company, Delta Gardens, is known as one of the most creative and innovative flower essence companies in the world. David is the author of Stars of the Meadow, an in-depth exploration of the healing patterns of over 40 flower essences. Delta Gardens features flower essences from all over the world. Website:

Mary Grace

Mary Grace, BA ed., LMT, Reiki Master entered public education after raising a family and garden she spent 11 years teaching alternative high school secondary school. It was there that she developed her passion for the relationship between the mind, body and spirit in learning and healing. Training in Educational Kinesiology made it clear that bodywork was the next step. She completed massage therapy school in 1995 where she learned the fundamentals of Bach Flower Essences, Acupressure and Multidimensional Energetics. While maintaining an active bodywork practice she has formed an integrative healing collaborative. Her 27 years of continuing education included, Reiki, Taoist Feng Shui, Flower Essences with Dessert Alchemy and Australian Bush, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Attitudinal Healing and Trauma Recovery and Astrology. She continues integrate these skills into classes and services designed to assist clients in creating their own path to wholeness.

Carla Savetsky, Enlightened Women’s Health

Carla is a women’s health physician assistant by training…and medicine woman/wise woman by design. She is also a master flower essence practitioner, writer, singer, lover of spirit and Mom. She has spent over 30 years in the healing-space–helping sensitive, empathic women (like herself), overcome challenging diagnoses by finding the root cause of chronic dis-ease on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. She works with women from all over the world. Website:

Conference Testimonials

“I absolutely loved the 2022 Flower Essence Conference! To fully immerse myself in the world of flower essences and flower essence therapy, and to learn how leading flower essence practitioners are working with these remedies from nature to support their clients to heal from trauma and build resiliency as sensitives, was such a treat! There was so much amazing information given in each talk and many nuggets of gold to take away. I'm so glad I registered for this years conference, and am grateful for the amazing job Ruth, Rochana and Kathleen did in putting this conference together. As a new practitioner in this area I have come away feeling very supported and inspired and will carry forward all I have learnt into my flower essence practice which I believe will benefit my clients immensely. ”

Brooke Kerekere, Registered Naturopath and Herbalist (mNMHNZ), First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner, Wellington, New Zealand

“Ruth, Rochana, and Kathleen, my deepest respect and gratitude to you for this spectacular conference! Every detail so exquisitely curated and tended to, from your impeccable website, to the array of speakers, to the depth and breadth of topics covered, and the elegance with which you represent the Flowers. What a wonderful resource and inspiration for this burgeoning community!”

Maribeth Swan, Flower Essence Guide & Intuitive Counsel, Massachusetts, USA

“Incredible content. Worth watching (the Flower Essence Conference) over and over to grasp everything and take copious notes. Branding was beautiful. Content delivery using an LMS was brilliant. Loved combination of live sessions and prerecorded. All the teachers were so different yet very knowledgeable and grounded. It left me very inspired to become an essence practitioner asap. Also the interviewers/hosts did wonderful job facilitating and asking questions. Loved it! Thank you!”

“One of the best conferences I have attended so far. Fantastically organized, with great content from participants passionate about flower essences and healing.”

KS, California

“I would encourage anyone to join this conference and learn a new way of healing. It is like opening a door to a whole new paradigm that I didn't know existed. I am incredibly grateful!”

Myra, Virginia,USA

“This conference was illuminating, inspiring and very empowering. A delightful blend of some of the masters in the field of flower essence therapy who provides new insights tools and inspiration for the healing journey and the magickal kingdom of plant consciousness that helps us heal. ”

TV, Norway

“If you have an interest in flower essences this (conference) is a must-attend event. I learned so much and loved connecting with the flowers and this beautiful community. Thank you. Highly recommend!”

Become more trauma-informed for yourself and your clients

Increase your understanding of trauma and the role of flower essences in supporting recovery with this curated selection of replays from the 2022 Flower Essence Conference.